"Photography has been part of my life since I was a young man,
one of my grandfather's many wonderful legacies"

"When I am focused on photography, 
time passes quickly because I am not actually engaged in a "job" 
but simply giving freedom to my imagination and my passion" 

Confucius said: 
"Choose the job you love and you will never work a day in your life"

Collaborator for IMAGENATION PARIS




Photography is magic.
Taking photos that excite,
makes me feel like a magician 
who gives happiness. 
I could not wish for a better way to spend my Life!

I was born in Milan in 1973,
They gave me a camera in 1987.
I was born again.

The passion for photographs strikes me as a young man, when in my room I cut photos of the masters of photography from fashion and graphic art newspapers and paste them into notebooks dividing them into categories: portraits, black and white, landscapes, architecture, etc. It's the desire to stop a story in a single shot that pushes me to photograph and doing it helps me fill a sense of emptiness that would otherwise remain insatiable.

Since 1987 I enjoy a world taking pictures. 
I started with an analogue PRAKTICA BX 20 (which I still use) and, via 2 kind of Canon, reach and using, at the moment, 
NIKON FF and a Fujifilm X series.

In 2015 I am part of a Treviso photographic association (existing today)
as vice president. 
Soon after, in 2016 I created two distinct groups of professional photographers: CONTROVERSO and IPPON. 
In 2018, based in Valencia, 
born FOTORIZZONTI VALENCIA with workshop and services.

On November 2023 IMAGENATION PARIS contact me to expose a portrait in the Gallery Joseph Palais in Paris.

I love the sea, 
the rain and the wind. 
I love traveling, 
flying and jumping. 
I love the People, 
the Nature and the World. 
I'm a Photographer.

My attitude is to photograph people, 
I am fascinated by the details, 
I like to use the determined black and white character, 
I love experimenting.
Everyday I learn something.



Here you can find a small summary of my style

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